Number Two Meaning

The Portrait of the Number Two

In Number Two, we can find an ideal complement, the second half. Symbolically, this is the wife of the Number One Pioneer, his Friday girl, or the tail of an arrow which makes the flight of the arrow stable. This is the minus pole of a battery without which the plus pole wouldn't exist.

The main strength of people in whose numeric code Number Two is prominent is not in their intellect but in their emotions. If for Number One everything is the simpler the better then for Number Two hints, details and nuances are very important. Because of this, Number Two can be indecisive, full of doubts and hesitating.

Number Two is able to see both sides of a situation, it can distinguish many subtle shadows, and not just black and white. As a result, he or she can build a bridge of mutual understanding where otherwise there would be a precipice.

Number Two doesn't want to be in sight and gladly takes on the roles of support, supply and maintenance. On the other hand, the opinion of the others is very important for him or her, and Number Two is ready to do just about anything to make sure that that opinion is favorable.

Additional Details for Number Two

  • In Greek pantheon, Number Two is associated with Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, wild animals, childbirth and young girls, a twin sister of Apollo.
  • In religious teachings, Number Two symbolises separation, splitting into parts of an absolute divine unity, and so it is associated with the incarnated world.
  • For pythagoreans, Number Two, or the Diad, was associated with matter, but this is more like an abstract principle of materiality, like a contrast material vs spiritual, since in space Number Two makes a line - an abstraction rather than a solid body. On the same reason (a line made by Number Two is an abstraction), Number Two, similar to Number One, was considered to be not a real number but a mere potentiality, an abstract principle, an ability to generate the other numbers.
  • While the Monad (Number One) is associated with unity, the Diad is separation and change. Number Two is also associated with love, because it was love that moved the Monad to create the Diad, and then everything else. Number Two also symbolises the Nature as a movement towards being, existence, originating from the seed of the Monad.