Number Three Meaning

The Portrait of the Number Three

Number Three is like a child - everything in the world is interesting for him or here, they sincerely rejoice every day, they sparkle with creativity. Like kids, people with strong Number Three in their numerological profile feel an urge to express themselves - to doodle a picture, to scribble somewhere a few letters they've just learned, and they don't care what will happen then, whether there will be any use for what they've done, and who is going to clean up after them.

A person of Number Three is usually a great story teller, but at the same time an attentive listener too. He or she is sincerely interested in everything bright and remarkable that can be found in the surrounding world.

Number Three likes games and toys. With the years, child's toys are gradually replaced with things and occupations that do not have a lot of practical value but do amuze the Number Three person and bring him or her enjoyment.

Usually such people have many friends who are always ready to offer a generous support - simply because these Number Three folks are such a fun.

Additional Details for Number Three

  • Three is the number of unity, it brings together the beginning, the middle and the end. According to "Theology of Arithmetic" by Iamblichus, the Triad has a special beauty because thi is the first of the numbers that makes manifested all the potentialities present in the Monad.
  • Number Three is associated with knowledge and wisdom. In the same "Theology of Arithmetic" it is said that wisdom is ternary: a wise person has a right attitude towards the present, extracts experience from the past and doesn't forget to look into the future.
  • On some stage of their evolution, humans were counting like this: "one, two, many". Even now there exist tribes that count in the same way. Maybe because of this Number Three became associated with the notions of "many" or "everyone". Something that was done thrice is considered to be done forever, and Hermes is called "thrice great" (Trismegistus), which means the greatest of all.