Number Six Meaning

The Portrait of the Number Six

Number Six brings together the creativity and joy of Number Three with emphasis on relationships of Number Two. As a result, Number Six people strive for creativity, but their creativity becomes really meaningful only when it is experienced together with someone else. One of the kinds of such creativity is love, it cannot be just love to oneself.

For a Number Six person, close relationships and interactions with them are very important. For thim or her, the way to enjoy life is to share their happiness with the others, and so they feel responsibility for passing around their admiration for life, they try to make the others happier.

Very often, the most appropriate means of communication for Number Six is one of the kinds of art, and Number Six people are often interested in music, painting, dance or something similar. They also like to teach other people since teaching is one of the most gratifying ways of interaction. When teaching the others, Number Six people learn a lot themselves.

Additional Details for Number Six

  • From times immemorial, Number Six is considered as a symbol of harmony. This is a perfect number of the created world. It is associated with the word cosmos (ΚΟΣΜΟΣ) because the summation of this word following the rules of isopsephy gives the number 600.
  • In his "Theology of Arithmetic", Iamblichus calls Number Six the first perfect number because it can be represented as a sum of the first three numbers: 1 + 2 + 3 = 6. He also states that the universe is spiritualized and harmonized by Number Six, and that thanks to Number Six it has its integrity and consistency.
  • Similar to Number Five, Number Six is associated with marriage since it can be represented as a multiplication of the prime female principle, Number Two, and the prime male principle, Number Three. However, in the case of Number Six, the male and female principle aren't simply put together, as in the case of Number Five, but as if fused together to make one whole being. Hence the attributes of Number Six like peace and concord.
  • According to the Bible, the man was created on the sixth day of Creation. It is interesting to note then that the first six days of pregnancy are considered to be special, different from the others. They are like a preliminary period after which pregnancy per se begins. Also, according to embryology, the fertilised egg embeds itself into the wall of the womb on approximately the sixth day.