Number One Meaning

The Portrait of the Number One

A pioneer who just arrived to an unknown country. He or she is alone, and can they can only rely on themselves. They are attracted by the unknown, and they go ahead without worrying too much about supplies or reserves. If they need something, they just find and get it.

Number One can be easily fed up by routine, trivial things. If everything around calm and regular, people who have a strong Number One in their numerological profile get bored and look for a new activity for an application of their abilities. They gladly ivolve themselves into anything new, and they don't afraid to be the first ones on a path that has just opened.

Number One people don't like to make things complicated, they prefer the simplest of solutions. They want to grasp the very essence and to concentrate on a single idea. They prefer to act and to make decisions alone, listening only to the opinion of those few whome they consider to be experts in their field.

Additional Details for Number One

  • Number One is associated with the Creator, the Prime Cause of our world. It is the number of the primordial being.
  • In Greek pantheon, Number One was associated with Apollo.
  • Number One is present in every other number: every number can be divided by one, and can be represented as a sum of Number Ones. Because of this, Number One is sometimes considered to be neither male nor female, and neither odd nor even - it isn't differentiated enough yet, it is still universal. It is a seed for everything that comes after it. In some cases, it wasn't even considered to be a number - more like a prime cause, a source of numbers. This is similar to the idea that although everything is made of atoms, an atom itself isn't a thing.