Number Nine Meaning

The Portrait of the Number Nine

Number Nine people aim very high since the tasks of this number are the most large scale compared to all the other numbers.

These people have a difficult task, and not everyone manages to do it properly. They need to learn to give without expecting anything in return, and still believe that even if they will give away everything they have, they won't stay with empty hands. Nature doesn't like emptiness, so Number Nines will get their reward by all means. However, the source from which they will get their reward is usually not connected in any logical way to the process of giving away.

Normal people can be very unselfish and generous, but it will be still quite difficult for many of them not to expect something immediately in return for their generosity, this is why when dealing with the problems of Number Nine they can often get disappointed. This is why spiritual development is very important for Number Nines. They need to be able to realise that there are connections in the world that defy the usual mundane logic.

Additional Details for Number Nine

  • For Pythagoreans, Ten was the number of fullness and completeness. Then Number Nine was an "almost fullness" or "almost completeness", i.e. it is close to completeness but something is still lacking.
  • In the Gospel of Luke (15:8), a woman is mentioned who had ten silver coins but lost one. Some medieval theologists interpreted the missing tenth coin as rebellious angels. As the result of their fall, there remain only nine angelic orders in the Heavens. The idea is that humans, by perfecting themselves, are supposed to occupy the tenth place.
  • Still, Number Nine is the number of the existing angelic orders, and so it is associated with angels.