Number Four Meaning

The Portrait of the Number Four

A person with prominent Number Four in his or her numerological profile is a toiler, sometimes even a workaholic. He or she can be compared to a plowman who insistently, day after day keeps plowing his field. He doesn't expect a result until the Fall, and even then it cannot be guaranteed.

Number Four people are not seeking for easy ways. In fact, they often manage to find a more difficult approach than seems to be necessary. They might keep doing something over and over again by hand even though that could be automated or delegated to other people.

They say that Number Four is the salt of the earth because thanks to the persistence of these people the most essential, important and long term things are done in the world. One can rely on Number Four, because if these people started doing something, they won't give up. A satisfaction by a well done job can be one of the biggest pleasures for them. However, excessive concentration makes it difficult for Number Four people to see the perspective and to understand the needs of the others.

Additional Details for Number Four

  • Number Four is related to incarnation, matter, Earth. This is a number of the material order.
  • There are four Elements (Fire, Earth, Air, Water), four directions of the compass (East, South, West, North), four phases of the Moon, four seasons. The name of the first human, Adam, has in it four letters. It is in fact an acronym or, using ancient terminology, notarikon of four words: Anatole (East), Dusis (West), Arktos (North) and Mesembria (South).
  • Pythagoreans believed that the Tetrad (Number Four) is the mother of all things. The logo of this website is actually the Tetraktis, which is a geometrical representation of the Number Four. Pythagoreans filled this image with such a deep sense that they sweared by it.
  • Number Four is associated with a limit, incarnation, three dimansions, because the simplest of polyhedrons, tetrahedron, has four vertices.
  • Number Four also symbolises stability and is associated with Heracles, who was so persistent and unbending.