Number Five Meaning

The Portrait of the Number Five

A Number Five person is a seeker for adventures who believes that everything in life should be tried and experienced, even if just once. The sphere of his or her interests is the whole world, and they are ready to go to the edge of the world in order to see something new and exciting.

Boredom is unknown to Number Five people. They have so many different interests and talents that it is always possible for them to find something interesting to do. Their versatility helps them to feel well in any group of people, and their vast life experience easily makes them a center of everybody's attention.

A problem of Number Five people can be too much changeability and superficiality - the surrounding ones can be simply unable to react to their change of plans and intentions. However, their inherent charm does help such people to overcome any misunderstanding.

Additional Details for Number Five

  • For Pythagoreans, Number Five symbolised marriage, since it is a sum of the simplest male and female numbers (2 + 3).
  • According to Plato, One is the Number of Fire, Two is the Number of Air, Three is the Number of Water, and Five is the Number of the Universe. Number Five is also associated with the Fifth Element, Ether.
  • Number Five is associated with the vegetable kingdom, Number Six - with the animal kingdom, Number Seven - with humanity. On the other hand, Number Five is sometimes associated with the live Nature in general, meaning that the Earth has five types of inhabitants (plants, sea creatures, birds, animals and humans) and that humans have five senses (vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch).
  • It is interesting to note that Number Five, most probably, cannot be found in the proportions of crystals. Only numbers 2, 3, 4 and 6 can be found there. But in the live nature, especially in plants, Number Five is ubiquitous. For example, many flowers have five petals, people have five fingers, a sea star has five rays, and so on.