Number Eight Meaning

The Portrait of the Number Eight

A typical Number Eight person is an ideal high level manager. He or she has the power and knows how to use this power to make the many details of a complex mechanism working properly together. That mechanism can be actually an enterprise, some large group of people, or maybe just a complex plan that still exists only in the person's head.

Despite their ambitions, Number Eight people are usually very thorough and careful when making decisions, since they feel on their shoulders the load of the collective responsibility, and they cannot allow themselves to be carried away by some idealistic designs.

A Number Eight person might resemble a weightlifter who tries to walk with the weight on his shoulders. That weightlifter's steps aren't wide or fast, he takes time to check the spot where he is going to put his foot.

Many of the abilities of the Number Eight people have their roots in the invisible side of the world, and intuition, sometimes reaching the level of extrasensory perception, is very important for them. However, with their strongly down to earth attitude, very few Number Eights will ever acknowledge this.

It is important for Number Eight to influence other people, to have a power over them, so although in numerology this number is traditionally associated with business and financial talents, it is also very often present in the numeric code of popular actors. Perhaps this is why those actors know how to make their audience laugh or cry.

Additional Details for Number Eight

  • Number Eight is associated with perseverance and equilibrium. In mythology, it is also associated with Poseidon, the god of the sea and of the earthquakes.
  • Philolaus associates Number Eight with supernatural abilities. Number Six is associated with the animal soul and those abilities that are pertinent to it, while Number Seven is the rational soul and its abilities.
  • In many culters Number Eight is a symbol of good luck and the God's blessing.