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The Master Numbers and their Meanings

For an explanation of how to find the Master Numbers in a numerological calculations and how to approach their interpretation, see the Master Numbers and the Karmic Numbers lesson.

Master Number 11

Master Number 11 Keywords

Heightened awareness, extrasensority, a special perception, intuition, idealism, connection with the subconsciousness. A seer, a soothsayer, a visionary. Ability to inspire people with an idea and to lead them to some ideal goal. Acute perception and vulnerability. Dreaminess - often at the expense of practicality.

A Portrait of the Master Number 11

A person of Number Eleven is aware of the existence of another, unreal and immaterial from the common sense point of view, side of the world. This realization can be based on developed extrasensory abilities or on the peculiarities of one's intellect that allows a wider, less bound to earth worldview. But even with an exclusively intellictual approach to the "parallel world", such person sooner or later begins to perceive the miraculous manifestations of it in the everyday life.

Since Number 11 people are aware of both sides of the world, they see and understand a lot more than ordinary people and often pay in the society the role of o prophet, a visionary, or a soothsayer whose words have a substantial weight in the society.

When Master Number Eleven is not recognized by the person, it manifests itself as Number Two, emphasizing the role of relationships in one's life. However, even in this case some special charisma and intuition allow the person to have a significant influence on the others.

An Additional Information for the Master Number 11

Since 11 exceeds the number of the commandments (there are ten of them), which means it as if trespasses the limits of what is allowed and established, Christian authors call it the number of sin.

This number also has a special sense because it is situated in the middle of Hebrew alphabet that has 22 letters.

According to Vinod Verma, 11 is a high intensity version of number 1.

Master Number 22

Master Number 22 Keywords

Grand achievements, creation, implementation of the most large-scale projects in the real world, - all this is inspired by a holistic view of the world, including its hidden side. Outstanding management abilities. Unlimited power, and an ability to apply it to managing a large number of people. Ability to grasp, coordinate and bring to practical implementation project of a very large, up to global, scale.

A Portrait of the Master Number 22

This is a number of a Master Builder. A Muster Builderis inspired by a high ideabut not simply spreads it around, as Number 11 people would do, but organizes people to change the world according to the idea that has illuminated his or her mind.

Such people organize, discipline, submit to their power large groups of people, creating as a result something very significant - of a national or even a global scale. The role of a Master Builder is appropriate for those who build cities, the leaders of international corporations - or at least Number 22 draws an ideal image of what such people should be like.

An Additional Information for the Master Number 22

This is the number of letters in the Hebrew alphabet - the alphabet that was used to write the Scripture. This alphabet is widely used in Kabbalah and magic.

Number 22 is also the number of prayers in Avesta, the holy scripture of Zoroastrianism.

According to Vinod Verma, 22 is a high intensity version of number 2.

Master Number 33

Master Number 33 Keywords

Large-scale creative plans. Huge creative potential. An unusually strong charisma that allows to inspire large groups of people to collective creativity.

A Portrait of the Master Number 33

This is a number of a Master Teacher. Such people can potentially lead entire nations, and not by the power of discipline or financial stimulation but by the power of inspiration and joy that they share with their followers. In the principle, Master Number 33 corresponds to the leaders of nations and religious movements.

According to Vinod Verma, 33 is a high intensity version of number 3.