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The Karmic Numbers and Their Meanings

For an explanation of how to find the Karmic Numbers in a numerological calculations and how to approach their interpretation, see the Master Numbers and the Karmic Numbers lesson.

Karmic Number 13

If in the process of calculating a person's numerological profile you meet number 13, one possible idea can be that in the previous incarnation this person didn't work enough, or at least didn't work efficiently enough, didn't create any specific, tangible result. He or she was doing things that brought joy (3), egoistically concentrated on only their own interests, leaving all the hard work to the others.

In this life, such person has to work especially long and hard in order to achieve at least some result. He or she doesn't have many opportunities to enjoy life, and it will be better if they will learn to enjoy the work they are doing, to enjoy the practical results they are getting. People with Karmic Number 13 in their numerological profile met many obstacles - a lot more than other people in similar circumstances. In fact, these obstacles help them not to accelerate too much and not to forget that the main thing is to keep working. If the work at hand is approached seriously and thoroughly, the obstacles don't matter too much.

With the Karmic Number 13, the key to success is concentration. One needs to learn not to waste energy, focuse on one, the most important thing, on one, the most promising direction - and then devote themselves to it and work without counting hours. It is also essential to keep order in one's life. Chaos and confusion of any kind will significantly reduce the effectiveness of one's efforts.

It might be also important to remember that with the karmic debt of Number 13, people typically don't have a fast and easy path to success. Any attempts to find such a path usually only lead to disappointment. Whatever such a person undertakes to do, he or she should be ready to work long and hard and remember that plenty of time will pass before they will have an opportunity to celebrate any success.

Karmic Number 14

In this case, a karmic debt has appeared as a result of an inappropriate use of freedom in the previous incarnation. Maybe instead of traveling and enjoying different aspects of the world, he or she was stubbornly attached to one location or one business. Or maybe, on the opposite, they felt themselves free from any obligations and put all the responsibility on the shoulders of the others. Or perhaps they used their freedom to pursue physical indulgencies instead of striving for perfection.

Whatever was the reason, in this life a person with the Karmic Number 14 in his or her numerological profile is tested by a caleidoscopic sequence of ever changing circumstances, unexpected events, abrupt changes in the conditions of life. The life of such person can be quite chaotic, there is a high risk of abuse in alcohol or drugs, or physical indulgencies like food or sex.

Such people need to learn how to control themselves, how to achieve emotional stability. If something unexpected happens in their life, they need to learn not to collapse into chaos but to keep their aim in view and to follow their path.

A key to success in the case of the Karmic Number 14 is to devote oneself to some high goal, to find a higher sense in one's life. Then the heart will lead the person out of any confusion, and will help not to lose one's course and not to get lost in a swamp of temptations.

Karmic Number 16

It is believed that the karmic debt of Number 16 is a result of one's involvement in unlawful or unacceptable for the society romantic adventures in their previous incarnation, and as a result of that some other people have suffered. Here egocentricity is opposed to the responsibility for those depending on the person.

In this life, people with the Karmic Number 16 in their numerological profile often become strongly concentrated on themselves, their own interests and problems, and as a result they lose a lot in their relationships with the other people. It can be hard for him or her to establish really warm, close and intimate relationships with someone, they are constantly carried away, back inside themselves, right into the middle of their personal problems. Another possibility is that the person finds him or herself abandoned by someone whom he or she loves.

Whatever is the problem, the key to success with this carmic debt is humility and modesty. The person has to avoid any manifestations of egotism, to learn to put the interests of the other person above his or her own. A potential problem here is that using their strong analytic abilities, such people can easily find a fault in anyone and will automatically put other people below themselves. However, this is exactly the catch of Number 16: following this path, the person will ultimately come to a deep, inconsolable feeling of loneliness.

However, it can all follow a different scenario, and the person with Karmic Number 16 will indulge in self-flagellation, question any of his or her dignities and as a result achieves a lot less than what he or she could potentially achieve. Number 6, present in this number, hints that the key to resolving the problem is in harmony, in ability to use one's knowledge and depth of understanding not to punish themselves and the others but to make some better use of them, maybe even to learn how to enjoy them.

Karmic Number 19

This Karmic Number points towards the abuse of power in a previous incarnation. This person didn't notice anything except of their own desires and ambitions and didn't want to take anyone else's opinion into account. He or she didn't want to share anything with anybody, and also didn't expect anything from those surrounding people except of, perhaps, submission.

Now, in this incarnation, a person with the Karmic Number 19 in his or her numerological profile often finds him or herself in situations where they have nobody to rely upon, where they have to count on themselves only. If they are able to handle their task on their own, everything is fine, but quite often such people start to reproach the others for not helping them. They expect from the others an unselfish interest in their business - but receive nothing.

However, looking at the problem closer, one can notice that a person with the Karmic Number 19 usually stubbornly rejects outside help, and this is exactly the core of his or her problem. His or her loneliness is mostly created by themselves, by their unwillingness to listen to the others, to accept their help and advice. They create an emotional prison for themselves by their own attitude to the other people.

A key to solving this problem is to learn to interact with the other people, both to give and to accept love, attachment, advice, help, to share power and opportunities.