How to Know Your Future With the Help of Numerology

Is human life a series of random events? Or maybe it has some sense, and some purpose? According to this book, each year of life, as well as each month and day, has a theme, and a place in a grand plan that was designed by someone — perhaps by your higher self, or maybe by the Grand Architect of the Universe. Learn step-by-step how to discover your own grand plan, and the topics of your current lessons.

Book cover: DIY Numerology: Understand Your Past And Discover Your Future In Five Easy Steps




"Full of great information for beginners and helps expand the scopes for more advanced."

Rel Rainbow


"This book is great! It shows what a useful tool Numerology is. It is comprehensive and inspirational, an easy to understand guide to help you make the most of your life."

Janet Bradford BA (hons)


"I think the book offers excellent easy description of personal year numbers. Connection of people and numbers and personal numeric code absorbing. It made me wonder if I had sown enough seeds?! Gosh how can you proceed with your life without this understanding."

Christine Wells


"I did read your book from start to finish In one sitting I was unable to put it down. I figured out my personal numbers and am now starting to do my daily numbers. Your book is great and easy to use. Thank you."


"I value this book because it provides the crucial missing link of a format for combining basic elements of numerology into a cohesive progression. It presents key tools for understanding, focus and working with natural cycles, that are often missing or buried in verbosity. Valuable points are made about units of time and our ability to choose, influence and be influenced by them. This book commands a second reading and more because the basic knowledge it imparts enables one to explore, comprehend and synthesize one's real time life lessons. I find this true especially due to a striking resonance with my own experiences and observations. A sense of cohesion grows as the five easy steps unfold. New insights nurture the ability to help others. The appendixes are helpful study aids. Naturally I wanted to read more about the actual nature of numbers as vibrations, and I look forward to the next book in the series"

Rev. C. N. Moore


"I have read many books on numerology over the years but you bring your own flavour to it. Usually you don't necessarily get a sense of the author when you read a numerology book but because yours is personal I think it engages the reader in a deeper way. It's also very clear and easy to follow. Good job!"

Clare Gately