Numerology Lessons

An important condition of a successful study of numerology is plenty of practice. Numbers are complex entities that cannot be described in a few paragraphs of text. They are multi-faceted, revealing themselves on many levels and in many different ways. The only reliable way to learn them is to keep looking for their manifestations in your day-today surroundings, in people you know, and in yourself.

Some numbers are easily noticed while others are subtler. For example, the characteristics of Number One are significantly easier to see in people than those of Number Two, simply because Number Two people prefer to stay in the shadow and not to come to the forefront.

Understanding Numbers by themselves is a substantial task, one that will keep you busy for many years, but there is also another important skill to learn: interpreting combinations of Numbers, and keeping in mind the different levels at which they manifest. Again, the key to success is practice, practice, and more practice. Throughout the lessons, I will offer advice explaining what to do in order to put the newly acquired knowledge to practical use. Please follow my advice zealously.

Introduction. A Brief History of Pythagorean Numerology. The story of Pythagoras, the First Philosopher of humanity.

Lesson 1. Meet the Numbers. The Basics of Numerological Calculations. Learn the brief definitions of the nine numbers. Learn and practice numerological summation.

Lesson 2. The Number of Life Path. Learn how to calculate this highly important numerological characteristic, as well as how to interpret it. Additionally, you will also find a gradually expanded list of celebrities for each Life Path Number.

Lesson 3. The Birthday Number. This number is very easy to find out, but challenging to interpret in combination with the Life Path Number. In this lesson, we'll begin to learn the art of interpreting combinations of numbers.

Lesson 4. Master Numbers and Karmic Numbers. These are the special cases that sometimes occur in numerological calculations. Sometimes (but not always) they can be important and informative. We are going to learn how these numbers are interpreted, and how to approach them correctly.

Lesson 5. The Number of Expression. [coming soon] This is the first of the Numbers based on a person's name rather on date of birth, and so we shall learn about the complexities that arise when working with names and determine how to handle them.

More lessons are coming soon...